United Nations Global Compact

The CFO Taskforce for the SDGs played a key role in shaping the sustainability agenda of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), developing a common language, collective ambitions, and resources for CFOs all around the world to accelerate corporate investments toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This includes a set of CFO Principles on Integrated SDG Investments and Finance, and KPIs to set targets and measure process in the implementation of those principles. It also included detailed guidance and resources for CFOs of any UN Global Compact companies to integrate the SDGs in corporate finance.

The goal of the Taskforce – which ran from 2019 to 2021 – was to establish the groundwork for a broad coalition of CFOs globally, and to harness the full potential of corporate finance to empower the sustainability transition for thousands of companies in the UN Global Compact, encompassing all industries and regions of the world, especially less developed countries.

With the launch of the CFOs Coalition for the SDGs, we now aim to follow the example and accelerate the progress of these pioneering CFOs and accelerate their progress in aligning corporate investments with the SDGs and linking corporate finance to relevant and credible SDG targets.

The Coalition is composed of CFOs participating at the Advanced and the Signatory levels.

Advanced Group

The Advanced Group of the CFOs for the SDGs Coalition continues and expands the work of the CFO Taskforce. Leadership CFOs play a key role in shaping the broad agenda of the Coalition and provide high level direction and input on the work programme. They have access to the programme workstreams, global and local events, high-level CFO meetings, and communication toolkits. In line with the broad ambitions of the Coalition, CFOs in the Advanced Group play an active role in specific workstreams to promote meaningful SDG-aligned investments, enhance the credibility of SDG-linked performance and finance, and build a global community of CFOs committed to invest in the SDGs.
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Signatories Group
The Signatories Group is composed of CFOs who commit to the CFO Principles on Integrated SDG Investments and Finance and take tangible action in implementing them in their business. They help create a broad community of CFOs for the SDGs, making the Coalition and its impact global and scaled. Signatories have access to local events, CFO guidance and tools, and communication toolkits.
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