United Nations Global Compact

The CFO Coalition for the SDGs is looking to expand its global reach to new corporations and industries worldwide.

The CFO Coalition comprises both the Leadership and the Signatories Groups working to align corporate investments and finance with the Sustainable Development Goals. It aims to leverage trillions of dollars in annual corporate investments, including in emerging markets, to help achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Leadership Group

The CFO Leadership Group is reserved for CFOs or equivalent corporate officers who are interested in shaping the broad agenda of the CFO Coalition and provide high-level direction to and input on the work program. CFOs in this group will have access to global and local events and activities through UN Global Compact Local Networks and will have the opportunity to participate in expert working groups to develop recommendations, frameworks, and best practices.

CFOs in the Leadership Group will have their profile featured on the CFO Coalition for the SDGs website and can participate in the CFO interview series. Additionally, they will receive a communication toolkit for the CFO Coalition and they can use the CFO Coalition logo, which designates them as a Global CFO. They will also be granted access to the CFO Coalition help desk and a dedicated engagement manager with the CFO Coalition team.

CFOs in this Group are expected to participate in a comprehensive set of activities designed to create thought leadership and inspiration for the broader CFO membership. CFOs are also required to submit a CFO Communication on Progress (COP) on Implementation of the CFO Principles by June 30 every year, to be published on the Global Compact website. For the CFO Leadership Group, the requirement includes setting a baseline and targets on core KPIs around SDG investments and financing.
Signatories Group
The CFO Signatories Group will be composed of CFOs who sign the CFO Principles on Integrated SDG Investments andFinance and take tangible action in implementing them inside their companies. They will help to create a broad community of CFOs for the SDGs, scaling up the CFO Coalition and making its impact global. Signatories will have access to local events, CFO guidance and tools, and communication toolkits.

CFOs who participate at the signatory level will receive the signatory communication toolkit and will be able to use the CFO Initiative logo, which designates them as a signatory to the CFO Principles.