Communicating Long-term Value Creation

In order to raise capital to support SDG investments and ensure investor confidence in the SDG strategy, companies should communicate proactively and regularly how they integrate the SDGs into the core of their strategy and investments and how this creates value in the long-term.

Integrated communication about integrated SDG strategies and investments entails not only the identification of key SDGs in terms of positive and negative impact but also the identification of key SDG for value creation.
It is important to identify a subset of SDGs and targets that are directly related to value creation and differentiate it from those with only an indirect relationship.
CFO Insight

To communicate effectively, companies should first designate which of the 17 SDG and 169 targets are material and relevant for their business and its stakeholders and then explain the process of how their strategy and investments create value for shareholders and stakeholders. Thismean addressing the economic and financial results their integrated SDG strategy and investments, as well as the social and environmental outcomes.